Jason Nelson CV



School of Arts  Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus  Southport, Australia 

USA phone:  (405) 454-3909     AUS Phone:  (07) 5552-8484

heliopod@yahoo.com         homepage:   www.secrettechnology.com




Masters of Fine Arts, Bowling Green State University, 2000.  

English Department, Creative Writing Program. Poetry Emphasis

15 Credit Hours of Hypertext/media Theory and Practice

6 Credit Hours of Flash/Sudden Fiction


Geography Graduate Program

University  of Oklahoma , Fall 1993-Spring 1996   

36 Credit Hours of Graduate Study


B.A. in Cultural Geography

Summer 1993  University  of Oklahoma

Minor in History/Asian Studies



January 2004-Current   Griffith University

Tenure-Track Faculty, (Lecturer) School of Arts

Digital Writing/Cyberstudies, Writing for the Web, New Media Design and Theory


Fall/Spring  2000-03   Bowling Green State University, 

Instructor, General Studies Writing Faculty, Creative Writing


Fall/Spring 2000-2002   Bowling Green State University,

Overload Undergraduate Independent Studies

Experimental Poetry, Flash Fiction and New Media/Open Form.


Invited and Distinguished Lectures and Workshops:


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Distinguished Lecture Series, Sponsored by New Media Design and the Department of English,

Workshop and Lecture, November 2005. http://dma.ucla.edu/events/calendar.php?ID=391


University of Miami, Writers Lecture Series, Sponsored by the Department of English, Workshop and Lecture, December 2005.


Queensland University of Technology, Reading and Artist Talk,  July 2005.


Netbehaviour Artist Residency, July 2005. Sponsored by the Arts Council of England and Furtherfield.org.   http://www.netbehaviour.org/residencies.htm

Description: For three week I collaborated with 24 different artists, writers and theorists to create 24 unique new media artworks. Extensive press coverage and International exposure. 


ABC Radio National , The Deep End Program. Invited to talk for half an hour on my work, and to present a new project of mine using speech to text programs for creative writing. September 2005.


University of Technology in Sydney, Invited Speaker and Panelist, Creativity and Industry Symposium, June, 2004.


Canberra University, Reading and Workshop, May 2004.


Brown University, Distinguished Scholar Program, Reading and Workshop,  Sponsored by the Creative Writing Program, November 2003.


University of Maryland, Annual Invited Author Reading Series, Reading and Workshop, Sponsored by their Writer’s House and English Department, November, 2003.


Richard Stockton College, Reading and Workshop, Sponsored by their New Media Program, November 2003.


State University of New York, Buffalo, Reading and Workshop, Sponsored by their Poetics Program, December 2003.


PAD Conference, University of California at Santa Barbara, Featured Artist. Sponsored by the ELO and the UC Santa Barbara New Media program, Spring 2003.


Eastern Michigan University, New Media Workshop and Reading, , December 2002.


Bowling Green State University, Storyboarding and Script Development Workshop, Computer Animation Course, Art Department, 2002


New Media Reading, Winter Wheat Festival, Sponsored by the Mid-American Review Literary Magazine, November 2002.


New Media Workshop and Reading, Eastern Michigan University, March 2002.


New Media Workshop, MFA program, Bowling Green State University, Fall 2001.




Creative Arts Publications and Exhibitions:

2006 (future):


Iowa Review Web, University of Iowa, http://www.uiowa.edu/~iareview/mainpages/tirwebhome.htm

Special Edition about my work including an extensive interview, essays about my work, overview of my career to this point, and my thoughts on each of my thirty-two new media artworks.


Leonardo Electronic Almanac (peer reviewed),  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  Juried Special Edition on New Media Poetics.  http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/LEA/

Work: Hymns of the Drowning Swimmer


Endless Forms, Juried New Media Art Exhibition, Michigan University, School of Art and Design.  http://www.endlessforms.net/

Work:  The Bomar Gene


First Annual Panliterary Awards, Drunken Boat Journal, Connecticut State University.  http://www.drunkenboat.com/db7/index.html.

AWARD: First Place Award for Web Art.  Work:  This is How You Will Die.


Ideas Festival, Brisbane, Australia, Co-Produced, Demonstration Hall Exhibit.


Work: Various New Media Works Representing my recent arts practice.



HyperRhiz: New Media Cultures (peer reviewed), Issue One, Washington University, Vancouver. http://hyperrhiz.net/

Work: Hermeticon: Pop Spell Maker.

Also co-wrote the introductory statement to the Journal’s first issue.


ACM Multimedia 2005 Interactive Art Program, (peer reviewed)  (ACM Multimedia is the premier annual multimedia conference), Singapore, Sponsored by ACM SIGMM, SIGGRAPH, and SIGCOMM, http://acmmm05.comp.nus.edu.sg/artprogram_statement.htm

Work:  The Bomar Gene


Digital Visions, Juried Exhibition of New Media Art, University of British Columbia (UBC),  http://www.ontherundesign.com/artists05.htm

Work: Promiscuous Design.

Includes an Extensive Co Authored Essay/Interview about the work.


WB05: The 2005 Web Biennial, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum. http://webbiennial.org/

Work Selected for Gallery Four:  Promiscuous Design.


Scan: Journal of Media Arts Culture (peer reviewed), Gallery, Media Department, Macquarie University.  http://scan.net.au/scan/index.php

Work: Hermeticon: Pop Spell Maker.


Bathhouse: A Journal of the Hybrid Arts, Eastern Michigan University, Creative Writing Department.  http://www.emich.edu/studentorgs/bhouse/

Work:  Did Not Create Evil, A collaboration with poet Ernie Hilbert.


1st International Prize "Ciutat de Vinaròs" on Digital Literature, Sponsored by Hermeneia and De la Universitat Oberta, Barcelona, Spain.

Award for Digital Poetics. Won in recognition of my recent work within the field.



International Digital Arts Awards, sponsored by QUT Creative Industries and Queensland Health. 

Finalist for the Harries Award and the Exhibition Show: The Bomar Gene.


File05: ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, San Paulo, Brazil.   http://www.file.org.br/

Works chosen for (juried) festival:  The Bomar Gene.


Mangrove: Journal of Writing and New Media, University of Miami, Creative Writing Program. http://www.as.miami.edu/english/mangrove/home.html

Featured work for the first issue of the Journal: Uncontrollable Semantics


Project Creo – Communication Exhibition, The Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida.  http://theartscenter.org/

Works featured in the Juried Exhibition: Promiscuous Design and Hermeticon.


60 Second Story: Online Video Contest, Contagious Media.


Third Place: Pillow, Pillow.

Note: Highly recommended in Yahoo Picks for its Auterism.


Iowa Review Web, The University of Iowa, Creative Writing Program (the oldest and most prestigious internationally). http://www.uiowa.edu/~iareview/mainpages/tirwebhome.htm

Work: The Bomar Gene





Inflect, Journal of Multimedia Writing, University of Canberra, School of Communication.

Works: Uncountable Semantics, Dreamaphage.


Soundtoys.net, 2004 Exhibition, Sponsored by the Art Council of England.


Work: Uncontrollable Semantics.


Diagram, Indexed in The American Humanities Index., Diagram/New Michigan Press, Grand Rapids, MI.  http://thediagram.com/

Work: Conversation: A New Media Examination of the Aesthetics and Practice of using new media technology to emulate environmental chatter/noise/conversations.


Web3dart: the first and most prestigious organization and gallery for 3d art. http://www.web3dart.org

Work: Dreamaphage: An interactive, 3-dimensional exploration of narrative and new media.


Jason Nelson 'Flashes Before Your Eyes': A Flash poetry retrospective a major chapter of the papertiger: new world poetry #04 CDROM, Papertiger Media, Brisbane, Thailand.


Epimone, Spain, pain's most prestigious Web Arts Journal. http://www.epimone.net/

Works: Technatomy: A New Media Poem in Abstraction. Ending7: Genetics and Abstraction. Wave2: Tranportation Aesthetics.


Uncontrollable Semantics: User interface as digital architect. Published and exhbited in the Rhizome.org Artbase, which is associated with The New Museum., rhizome.org at The New Museum, New York, New York.



The page_space show also offers a physical instatiation of the page_space project -- an experiment which reverses the usual collaboration between writing and design. The page_space programmer/writers are: Simon Biggs, Lluis Calvo, geniwate, Loss Peque, University of CalArts Critical Studies Writing, Los Angeles.


Three works selected by jury for the gallery of the ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL: File04 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Those three works: Uncontrollable Semantics This Will be the End of You: play1: chemistry Conversation, ELECTRONIC LANGUAGE INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, SESI Art Gallery.


A survey of electronic interaction. Two works revised for this show: Dreamaphage and Uncontrollable Semantics., Electrofinge, Newcastle, AUS.





Ohio Arts Council Grant, New Media Art, $5,000, 2003.


“Conversation”, Poems that Go, Featured Work for the Sound Issue.



Digital Visions, a juried virtual on-line exhibition,  University of British Columbia.

Three works accepted.   http://ontherundesign.com/Artists/Jason_Nelson.html


Epimone, New Media Art Collection, Madrid, Spain. Three new media works chosen for their online gallery,  http://www.meltemi.info/epimone/.


2003 International Digital Arts Awards, “Panhandle” selected as finalist, http://www.internationaldigitalart.com/IDAA/idaa.html


Lancaster Film and New Media Festival, United Kingdom, Sponsored by Folly.co.uk,

“This will be the end of you” series, July, 2003.


“Locomotive and Creatures”,  Bathhouse Literary Journal, Eastern Michigan University, http://www.emunix.emich.edu/~bhouse/ , Spring 2003.


“Nine attempts to clone a poem” and “Frostbite”, Reconstruction: an interdisciplinary culture studies journal, http://www.reconstruction.ws/   Spring 2003. 


“Panhandle” and “Superstitious Appliances”  selected for  Digitalis 2:The Spiritual in Digital Art Juried gallery show, The Evergreen Cultural Centre, British Columbia, Canada.


“This will be the end of you: play 1: chemistry” Slope Editions, New Media Issue,

www.slope.org, Spring 2003.


“This will be the end of you: play 3: and the last machine with moving parts”,

Slope Editions, New Media Issue, www.slope.org, Spring 2003.


“This will be the end of you: play 4: within, within”, Slope Editions, New Media Issue,

www.slope.org, Spring 2003.


“This will be the end of you: play7: genetic code”, Bathhouse Literary Journal, Eastern Michigan University, http://www.emunix.emich.edu/~bhouse/ , Spring 2003.


“This will be the end of you: play6: four variable creation”,  inflect: a journal of multimedia writing, http://www.ce.canberra.edu.au/inflect/, Spring 2003.


“This will be the end of you: play9: curious to know”,  inflect: a journal of multimedia writing, http://www.ce.canberra.edu.au/inflect/, Spring 2003.





2002 Seattle Poetry Festival, HYPER POETRY & ERGODIC/INTERGRAMMATIC POETRY, four New Media works selected for their juried gallery exhibit.


“Color”, Esocentric\\, Gender and Technology, George Mason University,

 chnm.gmu.edu/ematters/issue6/body_current.html, Spring 2002


Daisy Cutter”, TAParts gallery, http://www.taparts.org/Digital.cfm, Fall 2002. 

In an Unrelated Sequence Comes”, ”, nmediac, Journal of New Media and Culture, 

http://www.ibiblio.org/nmediac/winter2002/, Winter 2002.


“Panhandle”, Beehive Hypertext/New Media Journal, Vol. 5, Issue 1,

beehive.temporalimage.com/bee_core/, Summer 2002.


Plush”, BoomerangUK: Internet Literature, Issue 5,

www.boomeranguk.com/, Spring 2002.


“Plush”,  The Blue Moon Review, Special Issue The Edge Effect,

www.thebluemoon.com/coverley/Blue2/index.shtml, Summer 2002.


”Superstitious Appliances”, ctheory: journal of multimedia, Wired Ruins Issue

http://ctheorymultimedia.cornell.edu  2002.

”Superstitious Appliances”, Electronic Literature Organization 2002 Symposium Gallery,  www.eliterature.org/state/work-NelsonJ.shtml


”Superstitious Appliances”, nmediac, Journal of New Media and Culture, 

http://www.ibiblio.org/nmediac/winter2002/, Winter 2002.


“This will be the end of you: play15, in indestructible ping-pong ball”, Whalelane: writing, visuals, hybrids, http://www.whalelane.com/, Fall 2002.




Diseases of the Horse: Vesicular Stomatis ,  3rdbed New Media Gallery,  www.3rdbed.com/New Media, Spring 2001.


“Diseases of the Horse collected hypertexts”, The Little Magazine, http://www.albany.edu/~litmag/vol222/ Winter 2000.


Eleven (16) Occurrences of the Number Four”,  3rdbed New Media Gallery,  www.3rdbed.com/New Media, Fall 2001.


“Frostbite”  Furtherfield.org: Online Writing and Art gallery,

http://www.furtherfield.org/jnelson/index.html   Fall 2001.


“Gorgeous Oaks”,  Cauldron and Net, New Media journal, 

 www.studiocleo.com/cauldron/volume2/, 2000.


Heliopod: Poetry Project”  Immedia 2001,  University of Michigan,  Art Exhibition.


In an Unrelated Sequence Comes”, Soundtoys Artist Gallery, www.soundtoys.net/a/newwork/jasonnelson/, Summer 2001.


In an Unrelated Sequence Comes ,  3rdbed New Media Gallery,  www.3rdbed.com/New Media, Spring 2001.


“Machine Poems”, Burning Press Online Gallery, http://www.burningpress.org/gallery/gallery.html  Fall 2000.



“Moving”  Furtherfield.org: Online Writing and Art gallery,

http://www.furtherfield.org/jnelson/index.html   Fall 2001.


“Nine Attempts to Clone a Poem”, Poems that Go, Inspiration Link,

http://www.poemsthatgo.com/links.htm  Fall 2001.  


Series Poems”, 3rdbed New Media Gallery, 

www.3rdbed.com/New Media, Fall 2001.


SIGGRAPH 2001, Multimedia  Design Conference,

        Selected as participant in an Interactive Multimedia Project.


“Tracing”, NowCulture, Online Writing and Art Magazine, www.nowculture.com, Spring 2001.


“Tracing”, The Lite Show, MIT Gallery Finalist, http://www.liteshow.org/gallery.html

fall 2001.


“unfortunate and reflecting”, NowCulture, Online Writing and Art Magazine, www.nowculture.com, Spring 2001.



Special issues/reviews of my hypertext/new media poetry and fiction:



Computerfinearts.com Collection, Four Works Selected, Original files housed at Cornell University.


“Jason Nelson, Superstition”, Posterband,  Electronic Poetry Broadside,  www.posterband.com/super.html, March 2002.


“New Jason Nelson Pop Rocks”, review of “Plush” by Furtherfield.org,

www.furtherfield.org/crit/docs/New_Jason_Nelson_Pop_Rocks.htm, Summer 2002.


“Nine Attempts to Clone Jason Nelson, Attempts 1-3”, An online interview by Lewis LaCook for Suite101.com, www.suite101.com/article.cfm/litarture/86650


“Nine Attempts to Clone Jason Nelson, Attempts 4-9”, An online interview by Lewis LaCook for Suite101.com, www.suite101.com/article.cfm/litarture/87476


Nowculture Magazine (first print issue), Participant in the State of New Media Interview.


Rhizome.org: The New Media Art Resource,

Four works accepted for their Artbase Archive, 2001-2003.   


“Series Poems”, Arras New Media and Poetry, brief Review and Featured Link,

http://www.arras.net/gallery.htm .


Trace Online Writing Community, Featured Website for February 2002,

Jason Nelson's creative work traverses the boundaries of hypertext/New Media and traditional print. He excels at both -- the work speaks for itself.”  http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/picks.cfm .


Vesticular Stomatis: Diseases of the Horse”, Hine Digital Art: Recommended Web Art Link, http://hine-digital-art.com/weblog/april02.html April 2002.


Miscellaneous Poetry and New Media Projects: 


Waiting for the Ultimate Snuff Flick: A Conversation on Araki Yasusada” 
 Interview between John Bradley and Kent Johnson,

        Organized and developed a New Media interface for the interview to be displayed in the first issue of Rhizomes.net: Culture Studies in Emerging Knowledge,


Poems: Letters  by Gary Sullivan,

       Organized and developed a New Media interface for the poems to be displayed in the second issue of Rhizomes.net: Culture Studies in Emerging Knowledge,



“Diagram Explanatory of Lucency” by Christine Hume,

       Organized and developed a New Media interface for the poem.



DatalineBG, Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University, consulted on and starred in various segments for an online instructional video project.



Poetry and Fashion Project, Lilytank Inc., New York  City.

      Clothing designer used my writing (fiction and poetry) in the marketing and design stages of her clothing line 1997-1998.



Print Publications:


Angle, San Francisco, Two Poems, Spring1998.


Big Allis, New York City,  Long Series Poem, 2001.


Combo, Philadelphia,  Four poems, 2001.


Coracle, Berkley, CA, One Poem, Spring 1997.


Cross-Cultural Poetics,  Minnesota,  Two Poems, 2000.


Elixir Magazine (Glossy Commercial Magazine)  Eugene, Oregon, Six Flash Fictions, Fall 1999.


Elixir Magazine (Glossy Commercial Magazine)  Eugene,

Oregon, Two Flash Fictions, Spring 1999.


Fish Drum,  New York, One Poem, 2001.


Generator, Wisconsin, Two Poems, Spring 1997.


Happy, New York City, Three Flash Fictions, 2001.


Indefinite Space, Georgia, Two Poems, Spring 1999.


Ixnay,    One Poem, Fall 1999.


Kenning, Buffalo, New York, One Poem 2000.


Outlet Magazine, San Francisco, CA, Three Poems, One Flash Fiction, and wrote an article  about my Poetry/Fashion project.


Paragraph  Providence, Rhode Island, Prose Piece, Spring 1996.


Paragraph, Rhode Island, Flash Fiction, 2000.


Phoebe, George Mason University, Two Poems, Spring 1998.


Plazm Magazine, Portland, Oregon Prose Piece, Spring 1995.


Plazm Magazine, Portland, Oregon One Poem, Summer 1995.


Speak Magazine, San Francisco,  Flash Fiction, Spring 1997.


Syllogism,  San Francisco, Five Poems, 2000.


The Paper Salad Poetry Journal, Salt Lake City,  Two Poems 1996 Annual Issue.


The Santa Barbara Review, CA, Five Poems, Summer 1995.


The Washington Review Washington D.C. Three Poems, 1997.


3rd Bed, Rhode Island, Three Poems, 2001.


Verse, Plymouth  State College, NH, One Poem, 2001.


Vox, Albuquerque, NM, Three Flash Fictions, 2001.


X-Connect, One Poem, 2001.


Yefief  Santa Fe, NM, Two Poems, 2000.


Editing Experience:


Editor, HyperRhiz, New Media journal, a subset of Rhizomes.net.

Issue One: http://www.rhizomes.net/Issue3/hyperrhiz.html

Issue Two: http://www.rhizomes.net/issue5/hyperrhiz2/hyperrhiz2.html


Assistant Editor, Mid-American Review, 1998-2000.


Creative/Technical Editor, www.Rhizomes.net, 2000.


Editor and Founder, www.Heliozoa.com,

a new collaborative hyperpoetry project coming in 2004.



Concave Up, nationally  syndicated comic strip, 1998.

      Various individual comic strips based on my writing.



Professional Organizations:


Associated Writing Programs

Electronic Literature Organization


Trace Online Writing Community

Webartery New Media List